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Do I need a deposit?

Yes, you will need a valid credit card for deposit to rent any equipment. There must be enough available credit on the card to cover the minimum deposit. We do not accept cash for any deposit.

Can I ship my skis or snowboard ahead of my trip to the Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft?

Yes, make sure to include your NAME, NUMBER & DATE OF ARRIVAL. There is no charge for this service. Let us tune-up and get your equipment ready for your trip. If you do not want to travel with your skis you can bring your boots and rent our demo skis or boards. Email us or call 719-873-2495 if you have more questions.

Where is Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft located and hours?

Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft currently has one convenient location in South Fork, CO we are 17 miles from Wolf Creek Ski Area. Our winter season hours are as follows. 7:30am – 5:30pm* (Sometimes later if business permits) We do however recommend a phone call to the store before your visit to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Can I rent equipment the evening before and not be charged for that day?

Yes, anytime after 2pm till closing.

Why would I rent from Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft when I can just get it at the ski resort?

For several reasons: Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft is considerably less expensive than the resorts. The resorts can sometimes have lines that are hours long. Yes, we have lines too during busy weekends and holidays, but never ever nearly as long as at the resorts. We have a large selection of rental equipment, the resorts sometimes run out of equipment. Imagine after waiting for hours you are told that they are out of your size when you finally get to the rental bench!

Do you have any military and police discounts?

Yes, We value your service to this country and all active Military and Police will receive 20% off your first days rental. Must show your valid ID.

Can I reserve equipment online?

Yes. Reservations are recomended. Reserving online is a guarantee of the equipment package level requested being available to you, it is not a guarantee of specific equipment. Your equipment will be set aside for you, if you do not pick up the equipment by closing time you will be charged for the rental. When you arrive let a Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft associate know you have an online reservation before filling out any paperwork or beginning the rental process. Rent online by clicking to the online rental form. We do not accept phone reservations.

Do you rent helmets?

Yes, we rent helmets on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can I have someone other than myself pick up my rental equipment, my childrens rental equipment or my online reservation?

No, every renter must be present at the time of renting the equipment for proper fit. Anyone under the age of 18 years old will need a parent or legal guardian present to sign the rental form(s).

Can Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft tune my equipment?

Yes our location has full service repair shop, we can sharpen, repair and wax all your equipment. If you have your equipment to us by 5:30pm we will have it ready for you the next morning by 9am. *This may not include major repairs or may not be available on exceptionally busy nights. First come, first served.

Do I have to pay for my rental equipment if I don't use it or only use it some of the days while it is in my possession?

Yes, as long as you possess the equipment, you are agreeing to pay for it. Think of it in terms of a rental car. If you leave it parked in the driveway one day during the rental, they still charge you for that day. (We do have one free day built into every 5th consecutive day of rental.)

What happens if I lose or return the wrong equipment?

If you lose or return the wrong equipment you are still liable for the equipment that was issued to you. Each piece of equipment has a unique number that we track. We will stop any multi day charges for 5 days, if at the end of the 5th day the equipment is still not returned we will then charge your credit card for 100% of the retail price of the equipment (this could be anywhere from $1500 for demo skis to $250 for sport skis.)

What happens if I damage the equipment?

We understand there is normal wear & tear on equipment. This DOES NOT include abuse (clanking skis together on lift, skiing in parking lots, shutting in the door, etc.). If you damage  the equipment beyond reasonable repair then you will be billed at an hourly rate of $60 per hour. If the equipment is beyond repair then we will then charge your credit card for 75% of the retail price of the equipment (this could be anywhere from $750 for demo skis to $250 for sport skis.)

Do you sell new skis and snowboards?

Yes, we have new gear for sale from the top manufactures.

Do you sell winter clothing?

Yes, we have winter clothing including helmets and goggles from the best manufacturers for sale to make your trip to Wolf Creek Ski Area the most enjoyable.

Does Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft offer season lease/rental packages?

Yes, Rocky Mountain Ski and Raft offers a limited amount of ski and snowboard season leases.

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